From the shoebox to the bookshelf

Our photographs tell the story of our lives in a unique and very personal way.

They are a valuable store of information – but often they languish in shoeboxes, attics and drawers, unseen and forgotten. Only a few precious family photos are on display around the house.
And without your intervention, they could all be lost. Even should the prints survive, future generations may not know who they are of, or where and when they were taken.

Our service can liberate your photo collection by bringing it into the digital world. There you can take advantage of all of the technical innovation available now or in the future – arranging, sharing, annotating, editing, uploading, printing, publishing and backing up.

But, for many, the most tangible product of such a project will be the photo book. This is a printed book of photographs supplemented by text that will tell a story. It is presented in a design personalised to suit the content.

Some of the stories that we suggest are:
• Lifebook – the story of a life from cradle to – well, up to date. Baby photos, school photos, graduation, weddings, friends, parties, holidays, loved ones – everything that makes up a life.
• Yearbook – the story of a year from January to December. For the individual or the family. They make a lovely series for the bookshelf.
• Holidaybook – day by day, telling the story of a special holiday or experience. All the sights, the people, nights out and days in the sun. A very useful reminder of foreign place names and new friends in an extended trip.
• Friendbook – telling the story of your relationship with a close friend or family member. All the shared memories – a lovely present for a special birthday, perhaps.
• Familybook – photos that tell the story of a family, detailing who is who and all their relationships. A great way to present inherited and borrowed photographs of ancestors and relatives.

We can handle all the technicalities – no technical knowledge or access on your part is needed. Look at our services page for more detail.